LUPE PAC Founding Member Noemí Wins Jersey City Board of Education Election

LUPE PAC Founding Member Noemí Wins Jersey City Board of Education Election


Jersey City, New Jersey — November 7, 2019 — LUPE PAC Founding member, Noemí Velazquez won a seat on the Jersey City Board of Education election this past Tuesday, November 5th. Velazquez spent her decades—long career as an administer and teacher in the Jersey City school district and is now trying to bring more positive change to the children and teachers of her community.


“After being apart of the Jersey City school system for so long, I am excited to now have the opportunity to help the district in ways I was unable to before,” Velazquez stated about her triumphant win this past Tuesday. “I want to focus on solving the school budget crisis while

stabilizing taxes, protecting the jobs of our committed teachers and restoring after school programming.”


As an active member of LUPE PAC, Velazquez is encouraged greatly by her fellow board members. President Laura Matos stated, “We are extremely proud of Noemí as she has worked diligently to win this election and accept this challenge. She has truly stepped up and continues to be a Latina leader and role model, representing LUPE PAC’s values in Jersey City. We are excited to see her effectuate positive changes in our community.”


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LUPE PAC is a non-partisan political action committee whose mission is to increase the number of Latinas in elected and appointed office in the State of New Jersey. The organization promotes and supports progressive leaders who stand up for an agenda that invests in Latina political leadership and advances critical issues that matter to Latinas in New Jersey.