LUPE PAC Announces Endorsement of Nohemi Soria-Perez for Camden City Councilwoman-At-Large

Trenton – June 08, 2021 –  Ahead of today’s primary elections, New Jersey’s leading organization in increasing Latina representation in government and politics,  Latinas United for Political Empowerment Political Action Committee (LUPE PAC) proudly announces the endorsement of Nohemi Soria-Perez for Camden City Councilwoman-At-Large.

“Nohemi Soria-Perez has been a dedicated public servant for her community for many years, serving Camden’s residents both in her professional and private lives, ” said Laura Matos, President of LUPE PAC. “As a first-generation voter in her family, she is a powerful Latina woman who would represent the community fair and equally. We could not be prouder that one of our own Board members is running for this position.”

Soria-Perez is the current Chief of Staff for NJ’s 5th Legislative District, working with Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez, Assemblyman William F. Moen Jr. and Assemblyman William W. Spearman. She is also a commissioner for the Housing Authority of the City of Camden. 

LUPE PAC is committed to helping Latinas engage in the political process and helping them run for public office while raising early money so they can become viable contenders.

LUPE PAC is a non-partisan political action committee whose specific mission is to increase the number of Latinas in elected office in the State of New Jersey and to advocate for issues that impact Latinas in New Jersey. All contributions to LUPE PAC are not tax deductible.

LUPE PAC is a bi-partisan political action committee whose mission is to increase Latina representation in NJ politics and government. LUPE PAC supports progressive leaders who stand up for an agenda that invests in Latina political leadership and advances critical issues that impact Latinas in NJ. For more information, visit

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