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Welcome to LUPE PAC’s website!

LUPE PAC was founded by a group of visionary women who believed that women voices in politics and in public service make a difference in making our Latino community and New Jersey stronger.

Roughly 51% of New Jersey’s Latino population are Latina women, and although we have made some strides, our representation in the halls of governments is still too small. LUPE PAC seeks to change this reality by focusing our efforts on three fronts:

  1. Protecting our incumbents
  2. Building the bench
  3. Offering training and mentoring young Latinas to seek public service as a career option

These are exciting times for Latinas. As our population continues to grow, we will continue to educate young Latinas to demand political representation in all spheres of government. Together we will continue to fight to preserve and advance critical policy issues such as our reproductive rights and affordable healthcare options, a fair and humane immigration policy that respects the rights of families to stay together, a living wage that allows families to prosper economically, safe communities where our children can grow, and an education system that prepares our youth to achieve their God given potential.

We have a lot of work to do and we need your help. Join us by signing up for our e-newsletter so we can keep you informed of all our initiatives. Your voice and your vote will make New Jersey and all of us stronger. ¡Sigamos adelante juntas!!!

Laura Matos, President

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